Sunset Community’s newest volunteer, Ghost

Our newest volunteer, Ghost has been in twice getting to know us and showing us just how special she is. Ghost is a well behaved intelligent dog who just seems to know how to be gentle and caring. She is already a favourite with everyone who she has met at Sunset……Bonnie Langille, Manager Lifestyles & Volunteer Services


Hi my name is Ghost

I am a female white shepherd husky mix not a spirit. When I was born I had blue eyes but they changed to gold when I was about six months old.

My mom and dad rescued me from the pound. They would come visit my siblings and me; till I was eight weeks old and they could take me home.

I love going for a walks with my mom, dad or grampa every day, sometimes twice a day, because the husky in me is bred for endurance and I have a lot of energy. I have an agility course that keeps me active. lots of toys, but my favourite toy is my kong on a rope.  I have so much fun dancing with it around the yard and throwing it up in the air. Then I get someone to throw it so I can catch it.

Unlike other dogs as a husky I naturally love the cold winters and snow, but don’t worry in the fall I get a double coat to protect me from the cold winter.

I used to be scared of the water so my parents got me a life jacket. Now in the summer I go kayaking with my pack and try to catch the bugs and swim.  Sometimes someone will even throw a stick in the water and I will bring it back to them so they can throw it again.

I am very inquisitive; I check every bag when my mom has gone shopping to see if she got me a treat.  Sometimes it gets me into trouble like once I decided to smell a porcupine and got quills stuck on my nose that hurt, but mom got them out. Another time I went to smell a skunk and it sprayed me and made me stink for days so I got lots of baths.  My sense of smell is extremely strong; it helps me remember where I have been and who I have met.  That’s why I love to smell everything.

I am very intelligent and have great hearing although my parents say it can be selective at times. I can hear when things move under the snow or ground like a mouse or water.

I love children and know I need to be gentle with them and protect them because they are small. I love meeting all kinds of people, they like to pet me because I have a soft coat and it makes me happy. I can and love to do tricks for people and when I do, I get to see them smile and they give me treats. I just love to please everyone by giving unconditional love. I have the ability to adapt and integrate to all kinds of social events and situations. Like being there for people when they are going through hard times or hurting by cheering them up with kisses.

Sometimes I like to cuddle with my pack and just watch movies, my favourite movie is Eight below because it’s about dogs like me.

So if you see this me at Sunset come and say Hi. I’m just here to help and be your new friend.


140 Sunset Lane,
Pugwash, Nova Scotia,
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