Cumberland County 2019 Annual Volunteer Recognition Night


The Sunset Community Auxiliary

The Sunset Community Auxiliary are proud to announce the nomination of Shirley Bidwell as a nominee for the 2019 Cumberland County Annual Volunteer Recognition Night Awards.

Shirley Bidwell of Kerr’s Mill, Wallace area has been an active dedicated volunteer member of the Sunset Community Auxiliary for over 30 years and most of those years as treasurer, president and past president. Years before this she served on the Sunset Community Board of directors as a dedicated member and treasurer. Shirley Bidwell has recruited more volunteers to the Sunset Community than any other staff or volunteer ever. (Many of whom were family members and friends). Shirley is also a recognized life time volunteer/ leader for the Girl guides of Canada, the Anglican Church and ministries, and has also served on North Cumberland Hospital board for 2 and a half terms. Shirley is one of the founders of the Wallace River Walkers for Alzheimer’s research, as well as a volunteer with local work for the Sea Farer’s missions in Halifax and many other local charities and organizations. Shirley is one of the finest, most respected, and inspiring individuals that one could ever meet. She is a positive driving force at removing barriers and has been a great advocate for those who have been disadvantaged or living with disabilities. We are more than proud to nominate Shirley Bidwell as one of the most outstanding volunteers of Cumberland County and the Sunset Community.


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