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Oxford thrift Shop and Café Blog #1

August 19-24

By: Stephen Thompson

Monday, August 19th 2019

It has fairly humid outside compared to other days.

I have sorted through a cardboard box of: DVDs checking the bottoms of the DVDs for deep scratches. I used a café table and made up several piles to organize the categories of good condition and bad condition.

Numerous Ice Creams were bought in the afternoon by either Kids or Families that had come in to have relief from the heat.

I gathered extra books using a large Shopkins bag from in back. I placed novels into the container until a fair number were in. I took two trips worth of books.

New donations were given at the upfront desk to Amanda and Nicole two staff members working that day. Amanda and Nicole both did turns, sorting and folding clothes during the afternoon shift.


Tuesday, August 20th 2019

Morgan was in jovial mood today, He swept the floors clean.

Many new donations were to be sorted By Staff members: Amanda, Maddy and Paula. They arranged clothes and placed them on hangers getting them ready for their proper placements on the racks.

Amanda took in some donations for a donator while Morgan was on break and brought them to be organized and set up for later pricing.

The Sale on Kids clothing has begun today at 50% off.

Many participants have entered the Coloring Contest so far, lots of artworks are on display around the store from Kids to Adults of all ages.

New racks were being set up for the Back to School Sale organizing into Girl and Boy into their own displays by the staff members.

Morgan was checking around for empty hangers. After that he was doing the odd jobs on the laundry side.

Mary was in today to work with the laundry and keep everything clean and folded. She also updated Amanda on instructions from people who left their laundry.

Staff member Paula was hauling a cardboard box of clothes, to get them set up and organized on the racks.

Many people were in today to check out shelves and racks for anything that caught their interest.

Maddy was operating the cash register most of the time today, as well as some of the other Staff operated it as well.



*We don’t carry plastic bags anymore. You can bring your Own Bag or buy a Sunset Community Bag for $2.50

*Donate New School Supplies for a chance to win a gift certificate

*The Coloring Contest will be coming to a close Saturday August 24th. Be sure to get your entry in before the deadline.

Upcoming Events:

  • Sunset Thrift shop and Café will be having a Float in the Parade on August 31st be sure to look out for us coming by on the event route.
  • Friday, August 23rd  will be Maddy a Summer Staff member’s Last day with us, and My Birthday falls on Friday as well.





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