Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #3


Storm in Oxford and Surrounding Area

By: Stephen Thompson

On Saturday the Thrift Store was closed due to the Storm going through the town caused by Hurricane Dorian.

It was quite calm in the morning, though cloudy with a light drizzle.

I was driven up to Pugwash from Oxford, to visit with my brother.

In the afternoon I was at Pugwash when the storm was pounded on the windows and a falling tree swiped on an electric line and shorted it out.

Afterward a sudden darkness came over in the cottage in a near instant.

They luckily they had a backup generator that kicked in when power was kaput.

Up at the Hansford Road the wind had taken the power line and trees scattered on the road, Oxford, Springhill and in Amherst similar electrical short-outs and fallen debris.

When I got home, I was transported via Small Bus, the wind and rain was so harsh it sounded like it was storm was inside the vehicle how loud it was.

The rain was heavy; it pelted the windshield with great amount oomph. The sea was raging below the bridges leading across River Philip.

The whole Downtown Oxford area was greyed out no lights within. The Driver of the Small Bus was thinking of getting a Tim Hortons, when we came to realization partway down the drive that Tim’s would have no power.

When I saw the houses down Water Street, Pleasant and Thompson Road they were darkened: No lights at the Sunset Community Thrift shop, pools of water were on the other side of the Water Street Bridge and random debris at some areas of the roadway.

Miscellaneous branches were in front of my Family Home and a makeshift Greenhouse had been toppled over.

The experience really made me think how I take electricity for granted and how we are very reliant we are on Power in this day and age. Two days without electricity took some adjustments; I had some battery life stored in electronics to use conservatively.

I managed to get some coffee and pop-tarts from a friend who had a generator one of those days which was nice to have.

My Father and Step-Parent kept up on updates during the storm using a yellow Wind-up Radio. The News had announced for a boil warning on the water in the Town of Oxford.

It wasn’t until Monday afternoon we finally had Power restored I was playing on my handheld video game when I heard an electric hum surge through.

The town was bustling after the power was restored in certain areas. I could hear more voices and activity from when I was working in a row of crops.

The way to Kolbec Road, is closed due to damage done by the storm. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, in the near future. Clean up detail is going to take a while from all the damage that needs to be fixed.

I am hopeful Power will be restored to everyone in Oxford and Surrounding areas across Nova Scotia soon.


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