Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #4


By: Stephen Thompson

Monday, September 16th, 2019


A new week had begun.

I arrived in the afternoon with: Daniel. Morgan and Duncan were there to greet us before heading home for the afternoon.

I was working on a checklist for the washroom cleaning and maintenance in Excel.

I was revising a template that I started I had on Wednesday afternoon. Patti was giving me ideas for the list.

Daniel was at the laundry side doing various tasks.

Later I got some new books from the backroom to fill empty gaps in the bookshelves.

To finish the day off, I sorted the laundry bags with to keep and throw out while Daniel finished up with his folding.


Tuesday, September 17th, 2019


Today is clouded over. Morning shift: Duncan, Morgan, I were working. The Staff members here are Nicole and Amanda.

Laundry side is bustling today: Washers spinning, Dryers going and clothes being prepared to be folded.

Duncan was around the store with a broom and dust pan cleaning the floors. Afterwards he moped up the messes on floor, to keep them spotless.

Amanda was placing new blankets and bed spreads in the Linen Section, the newly added addition to the Thrift Store.

Mary showed up slightly before 10 O’clock. She greeted various people within the store. Today she is working on Laundry; Amanda is helping her get started on her job.

Nicole was setting new items on the shelves, working on various café duties within the shop.

Michael had showed up to work early for his afternoon shift.

Morgan was folding clothes on the Landry mat side; he carefully placing the folded clothes neatly placing them in a transparent bag.


Wednesday, September 18th, 2019


Today was a nice clear day.

Emma came in check in how things were at the Thrift shop. AJ was with her, she is growing quickly.

Patti and Paula are the staff members today, doing various duties within the store.

Angus was at the ready to do work today. To get all the dirty dishes all washed up, dried and sparkling clean.

Morgan was doing some various tasks within the Laundry side of the store today cleaning, folding clothes and cleaning the floors.


Store Updates:


  • A New flavor of Donut is now available at the Café: Cinnamon Sugar.


  • The Sunset Community Oxford Thrift Store and Café are transitioning from summer to fall stock as the season nears close to changing.


  • A New Section has been added to the store for Linens, with new items added into it


  • The Thrift Store has donated: School Supplies, Clothes, Cleats and Book bags to Oxford Regional Education Centre.



Upcoming Events:

Bag Day will be held on Thursday September 26-Saturday September28. Fill a bag for $5.00 on All Items, excluding: Electronics, Appliances, DVDs and Amazon shelf items. Please bring your own reusable bag (grocery bag size).


Scentsy Basket draw happens on Sept 30th. Be sure to buy your tickets before that date. Proceeds are in support of the Breakfast Program at Oxford Regional Education Centre.



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