Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #5

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September 30-October 5

By: Stephen Thompson


Monday September 30th 2019

Nicole and Patti were the staff working today. When I arrived Morgan was on his way out for the day.

Daniel called in sick so only Angus and I were only Clients at work this day.

I was working on a task for the dry erase sandwich board at writing and designing with liquid chalk new October updates.

I made a concept design on a napkin and some information on post-it notes.

The staff members recorded a video for FaceBook of Scentsy Basket Draw, I was with Emma in speaking roles. I reached into the paper slips, dug around and drew the slip for Dawn Thompson, who was the winner of the draw.

Later after that, Emma headed out for the day with Michael.

Amanda came in on her day off to give out some sweets for a few minutes. When Angus knew he was getting baked goods, he was very motivated to get the dishes done.

We all enjoyed Amanda’s baking: Angus, Nicole and Patti and I.

Nicole and Patti did various tasks with cash register, drinks, snacks and other things.  


Tuesday October 1st 2019

Amanda and Nicole were the working staff today.

Morgan, Duncan and I worked the morning shift today. Duncan had his cleaning duty using a broom and mop. Morgan worked within the Laundromat with the washers, dryers and the folding.

I revised the Clothes Inventory List to reduce the size of the original from 3 pages to 1 Page layout.

I was organizing books on the shelves and getting kids’ books to fill in the blank spaces.

I made up a Price sign for the Ice Skates for the Thrift store using Excel program.

Later on I did various copies for Laundry information. Paper sections left over were repurposed into Slips that can be used at a later date on Laundry Bags.

Daniel came in today for his afternoon shift and he seemed to be doing well now.


Wednesday October 2nd 2019

Today I arrived with Morgan for the afternoon shift. The Staff members working today are Patti and Paula.

Patti and Paula sold various items in the store like: A Banana costume, PJs, various Halloween related items, Ice cream, etc. and organized new Donations.

Morgan was cleaning the tables around the shop, doing tasks in Laundry side and checking for empty hangers on clothes racks.


Current and upcoming:

Halloween Colouring Contest has begun this week, all Ages can enter.

October 11th 2-4PM is Fall Festival, celebrating Care Month. It will be held at Pugwash they will be Auctioning off Scarecrows and selling various refreshments from local producers.

Store will be closed on Thanksgiving October 14th.



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