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Oxford thrift Shop and Café Blog

November 18th-23rd 2019

By: Stephen Thompson


Monday November 20th, 2019

Nicole and Amanda were working on baked goods when I arrived: Donuts, Danishes and Cookies.

Duncan was hard at work today with his broom, dustpan and mop ready to go, after drinking his work coffee to start things off.


Today Nicole was getting the store faux tree set up with twinkly lights, while Amanda had sorting of items to be sold.

Emma came in for a visit for the day with baby AJ and her son Kohen.

Kohen was also assisting today setting up ornaments on the Christmas tree with Nicole.


Jacob, who is in for Job experience was opening donations battery cases to test if they still operate and getting brewed coffee for the customers who arrived in the shop.


Angus in the store in high spirits He always is finding hidden treasures.


Morgan today is working diligently with the Oxford Frozen Foods:  Washing, drying and hanging of the worker plant attire.


Today I made up a new list for free Ice Cream, I chopped up some Laundry services slips, used the scraps for tags at Laundromat, and completed a Maintenance sign for a washer that only works with dollars.


Tuesday November 19th, 2019


I was working with Morgan at the Laundromat side at buttoning two buttons and collecting a number of them together for a load. Morgan would add all the necessities to the washers.

The washers would sing a little tune when they finished up there cycles and would be taken out to the dryer posthaste.

Morgan has become quite a pro at working with Oxford Frozen Foods cleaning. He works 5 days a week. He always brings his quirky humor to lighten the mood.

Patti and Paula managed various duties within the shop and upkeep along with Jacob.


Wednesday November 20th, 2019


Michael and David work today.

Michael is doing the cleaning for the Thrift Store: Mopping, sweeping and other tasks.

David was doing tasks in the Laundromat today such as folding the clothes and spraying and wiping things down.

Morgan was still hard at working with cleaning Oxford Frozen Foods clothes for cleaning and sorting by size.


Patti and Amanda are working on tasks within the shop along with Jacob doing odd jobs around sorting donations, cash register and other tasks.


Scheduled events and updates:


We offer various Christmas items in store for purchase: Ornaments, Ribbons and various knickknacks.


  • Coats for Cumberland will happen today, Nov 20th here at our store


  • Items at the store will also be 10% off on all Thrift Store items as well.


  • Nov 23rd and Nov 30th 2019

Kids Shopping days! Bring your children in for shopping and we will help them wrap. There will be a card crafting station. (All items Children buy will be only a dollar excluding Amazon items.)


  • Nov 28th -30th 2019

Bag Day Sale!


  • Nov 29th 2019

We will be open late until 7:30 PM Come in and warm up waiting for the parade.


  • October celebrations of Halloween were a great success! We had had a lot of entries in the coloring contest and seen many kids dressed up for


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