Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #8


Oxford thrift Shop and Café Blog December 17-21

By: Stephen Thompson

Monday, December 17, 2019


I checked for clothes hangers that weren’t being used, in the numerous clothes racks in the shop.

Paula and Nicole are the staff working today. They did a variety of tasks around the store such as sorting new donations.

I see signs Christmas is definitely coming. From in the store I can see: flying reindeer and Santa in his sleigh decals on the window, artificial tree strewn up with twinkling lights, blown-up snow man, Christmas books and Toys for sale in a case.

It was a cold, cold day on Monday a gusty wind that seeps right through the pores.  Everyone should be dressed warm today, for sure.

My father and I dropped off donations in this morning when we arrived at the store. The cases of odds and ends were carried in to be sorted through.

Morgan is working in the Laundromat side today. Cleaning and folding up the Oxford Freezing Plant outfits.

Michael who came for a break helped Paula put together parts for an electric razor.

Duncan swept the floors with a red broom around the shop today getting every nook and cranny.

Daniel arrived for his afternoon shift, ready to take on the afternoon tasks in the Laundromat.


Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Today: Nicole and Amanda were working at the front working the café, clothes sales and placing items within the store.

Morgan, Duncan, Angus and Mary have shown up today for work in the morning bright and early.

There are a lot of comical conversations going on at the café portion of the shop. A good laugh can help, waking-up for the morning.

Morgan was bringing together and cleaning Freezing plants outfits as his typical routine. Morgan seems to be high-spirits today.

Angus and Mary were checking for hangers today looking through the assemblage of clothing on display.

Duncan went from place to place dusting the floors with his usual smile. The Staff praised him for doing a good job.

Visitors came in from Sunset Community in Pugwash, Dawn and two of the Clients arrived with her. Amanda gathered up some Christmas items to bring with them.


Wednesday, December 18, 2019


The countdown to Christmas is on with only a week to go. X-mas music can be heard the wall mounted TV.

Patti and Amanda are the staff members working for today.

Michael is cleaning the floors today with a push broom going as well as soon mopping around the store.

Morgan is doing his usual job today, and sharing some of his quirky jokes with the Staff and Clients.


Updates and Upcoming events:

Christmas with kids was last Saturday:

The children were very excited to shop and wrap. It was a very successful endeavor.

On December 18th the store will close @3:30 PM for Christmas Dinner for the Staff members.

The Christmas Party will be on Friday, December 20th, for the Clients @ 2:00PM. Pre-Primary Children will be singing, Christmas Carols.



Holiday Hours

  • Dec 24th– 8:30 AM -12:30 PM

  • Dec 25th and 26th– Closed

  • Dec 27th and 28th– Open Regular Hours

  • Dec 31st– Closed

  • January 1st– Closed

Happy Holidays From all of us here at your Sunset Community Thrift Store!



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