Visit Guidelines – Letter to Families


June 11, 2020

Update to Family Members:

Lifting of Restrictions – Guidelines regarding Family Visits

The past few months have been very difficult for many families, as they have not been able to visit their loved ones who live at Sunset.  We are very happy to share that the restrictions on family visitors will be lifted effective June 15, 2020.

With this positive news, also comes the responsibility to plan and ensure that opening up to visitors does not pose a risk of the introduction of COVID-19 in to the Sunset Community.  Therefore, the following special guidelines and precautions will be in place to ensure the safety of all:

Pre-planning of visits:


  • Visits will take place Monday-Friday between 12pm-4pm only, and need to be planned in advance.
  • To request a visit at the Sunset Community ARC, call 902-243-2571

ext. 221 during regular business hours.

  • To request a visit at Sunset Community Driftwood Cottage, call 902-243-3227
  • Only one family visit will be allowable at a time to ensure our ability to safely support the visit.
  • When you call, there will be a pre-screening questionnaire completed to ensure you are COVID-19 symptom free, and have not been exposed to COVID-19.


Day of the visit:


  • Upon arrival, park in the designated visitors parking area and call 902-243-2571 ext. 221 (at ARC) 902-243-3227 at Driftwood Cottage, and a staff member will come out to meet you.
  • Hand sanitation, symptom screening will take place, including taking of temperature, and being provided with a medical mask.
  • Visits will take place outside, in a designated space on the grounds.
  • Once in the designated space, and only if social distancing can be maintained (6 feet between family member(s) and the client), the mask may be removed.
  • Each client will be allowed to have a maximum of two visitors.
  • No items are to be brought in by visitors.
  • One staff member will be present to support the visit.
  • There will be no touching during the visit.
  • If these guidelines are not followed, the visit will be ended and the family member will be asked to leave the property.


After the visit:


  • Following the visit, and in between visits, the chairs and other surfaces will be sanitized thoroughly by staff.
  • The client will practice hand hygiene upon re-entering the building.


We understand these circumstances are not ideal; however, our priority at the Sunset Community is the safety and well-being of our clients and staff.  We appreciate your understanding of the need for these precautions, and we look forward to seeing you very soon.



Julie Hoeg, CEO- Sunset Community


140 Sunset Lane,
Pugwash, Nova Scotia,
B0K 1L0


E-mail: General inquires
Phone: 902.243.2571
Fax: 902.243.3222

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