Dear Family & Friends of the Sunset Community


May 11, 2021

Dear Family & Friends of the Sunset Community:

Given the current COVID-19 situation in the province, it is timely to reach out and provide an update as to how we are doing at the Sunset Community.  With the recently announced lock-down in the province on April 28, we have reinstated many of the restrictions from early on in the covid-19 pandemic.  I want to provide reassurance that Sunset has been and will continue to adhere to Public Health protocols and Long-term Care/DCS Guidelines as they apply to each of our programs.

Participants, residents, and employees have been very resilient and understanding of the need to have these measures in place.   Under current restrictions, all of our homes and worksites are closed to the public and visitors.  Community outings are once again restricted, with the exception of essential medical appointments.  In the Adult Residential Center, we have reverted to our “cove bubbles” similar to a single household bubble.  Frequent education is provided to all Sunset Community members as a reminder of the importance of frequent hand hygiene, social distancing, and proper PPE use for employees.

Screening of covid-19 symptoms occurs daily for all residents and employees.  Since March 2020, there have been over 250 negative covid-19 tests completed.   Additionally, asymptomatic serial testing happens on a bi-weekly cycle for all ARC employees, and is available to all employees.  More importantly, almost all ARC residents, and Driftwood Cottage residents have received their second dose of Covid-19 vaccine on April 27, 2021.  ILS and day program participants received their first dose on April 28, with second dose scheduled for May 19.   Throughout March and April, a large number of Sunset employees have also received their vaccinations.

Despite all of the protocols in place, there continues to be a lot of fun, and laughs over the past few months; Winter Carnival, Easter arts and crafts, Saint Patrick’s Day party, and special Mother’s Day meal just to name a few of the highlights.  Our Lifestyles Department and all employees focus on providing meaningful experiences daily.  With the weather improving, there are many walks and activities outside on our beautiful grounds as well.   Our gardening committee has started working on this year’s Patchwork Garden, and plans are underway to develop an outdoor fire pit area for everyone to enjoy.

Sunset deeply appreciates the support and care we receive from family, friends, and our local community.  To provide connection during this period, all clients have access to online visits and calls.  If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a virtual visit please contact us at 902-243-2571.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support. We look forward to welcoming you all back in the near future.  The health and holistic well-being of all members of the Sunset Community continues to be our priority.


Julie Hoeg, CEO


140 Sunset Lane,
Pugwash, Nova Scotia,
B0K 1L0


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Phone: 902.243.2571
Fax: 902.243.3222

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