Chief Executive Officer

Julie Matheson

140 Sunset Lane, Pugwash
Nova Scotia, B0K 1L0
Tel: (902) 243 2571
Fax: (902) 243 3222
Email: jmatheson@sunsetcommunity.ca
Business office hours: 7:00am – 5:00pm

Senior Leadership

CEO, Julie Matheson Tel: (902) 243 2571 ext 222 Fax: (902) 243 3222
Director, Client Services: Carrie Dewar Tel: (902) 243 2571 ext 231 Fax: (902) 243 3222
Director, Support Services and Social Enterprises: Terri Brander Tel: (902) 243 2571 ext 226 Fax: (902) 243 3222

Program Leaders
Client Services: Brent Wilson (Periwinkle Cove, Plovers Cove)
Client Services: Bruce Ferdinand (Island View Cove, Lighthouse Cove)
Client Services: David MacEwan (Periwinkle Cove)
Client Services: Mary Lynn Hurley (Ocean Breeze Cove, Seashell Cove)
Lifestyles and Volunteer Services: Bonnie Langille
Health Services: Jill Peterson
Health Services: Gina Rushton
Community Options: David Wilkie
Maintenance and Safety Services: Carol Pounder
Environmental Services: Shawn Crouse
Sunset Industries: Randy Thompson
Vocational Services: Dean Pounder
Medical Services
Dr T Hydorn
Dr E Aquino
Clinical Dietitian
Tiffany Derby
Occupational Therapist
Danielle DeBay (Classic Therapy Group, Halifax)


140 Sunset Lane,
Pugwash, Nova Scotia,
B0K 1L0

Contact Info

E-mail: General inquires
Phone: 902.243.2571
Fax: 902.243.3222

Proud Member

Health Association Nova Scotia