Wishing everyone a happy New Year


Wishing everyone a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year from us all at The Sunset Community

Merry Christmas


May your home be filled with the joy of the Christmas season. Here’s wishing you a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! May you and your family cherish the wonderful memories, of love, care, and hope. May you live life in joy and peace

Merry Christmas from all of us!


A great time with family


Christmas is a great time to get out and see family and that is exactly what Jean did on Thursday. I think she made a new friend 🙂


Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #8


Oxford thrift Shop and Café Blog December 17-21

By: Stephen Thompson

Monday, December 17, 2019


I checked for clothes hangers that weren’t being used, in the numerous clothes racks in the shop.

Paula and Nicole are the staff working today. They did a variety of tasks around the store such as sorting new donations.

I see signs Christmas is definitely coming. From in the store I can see: flying reindeer and Santa in his sleigh decals on the window, artificial tree strewn up with twinkling lights, blown-up snow man, Christmas books and Toys for sale in a case.

It was a cold, cold day on Monday a gusty wind that seeps right through the pores.  Everyone should be dressed warm today, for sure.

My father and I dropped off donations in this morning when we arrived at the store. The cases of odds and ends were carried in to be sorted through.

Morgan is working in the Laundromat side today. Cleaning and folding up the Oxford Freezing Plant outfits.

Michael who came for a break helped Paula put together parts for an electric razor.

Duncan swept the floors with a red broom around the shop today getting every nook and cranny.

Daniel arrived for his afternoon shift, ready to take on the afternoon tasks in the Laundromat.


Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Today: Nicole and Amanda were working at the front working the café, clothes sales and placing items within the store.

Morgan, Duncan, Angus and Mary have shown up today for work in the morning bright and early.

There are a lot of comical conversations going on at the café portion of the shop. A good laugh can help, waking-up for the morning.

Morgan was bringing together and cleaning Freezing plants outfits as his typical routine. Morgan seems to be high-spirits today.

Angus and Mary were checking for hangers today looking through the assemblage of clothing on display.

Duncan went from place to place dusting the floors with his usual smile. The Staff praised him for doing a good job.

Visitors came in from Sunset Community in Pugwash, Dawn and two of the Clients arrived with her. Amanda gathered up some Christmas items to bring with them.


Wednesday, December 18, 2019


The countdown to Christmas is on with only a week to go. X-mas music can be heard the wall mounted TV.

Patti and Amanda are the staff members working for today.

Michael is cleaning the floors today with a push broom going as well as soon mopping around the store.

Morgan is doing his usual job today, and sharing some of his quirky jokes with the Staff and Clients.


Updates and Upcoming events:

Christmas with kids was last Saturday:

The children were very excited to shop and wrap. It was a very successful endeavor.

On December 18th the store will close @3:30 PM for Christmas Dinner for the Staff members.

The Christmas Party will be on Friday, December 20th, for the Clients @ 2:00PM. Pre-Primary Children will be singing, Christmas Carols.



Holiday Hours

  • Dec 24th– 8:30 AM -12:30 PM

  • Dec 25th and 26th– Closed

  • Dec 27th and 28th– Open Regular Hours

  • Dec 31st– Closed

  • January 1st– Closed

Happy Holidays From all of us here at your Sunset Community Thrift Store!


Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #7

Oxford thrift Shop and Café Blog

December 2nd-7th 2019

By: Stephen Thompson

Weekend Happenings:

Saturday was the last day of November, Strong winds were blasting snow much to my astonishment; I decided to hibernate in my home today.

I have been informed that Sunset Community Thrift Store made Cotton Candy for Parade Night, and it was a Complete Success and Sold Out!


December officially started on Sunday. Today is the last day of Special Olympics until January next year. They held a Christmas Party. Awards were given out to Joseph for Athlete of the Year and Rebecca won an award for supporting her teammates and coaches.


Monday December 2nd, 2019

It started out -12 °C today on the ride up to work. The cool weather is starting to kick in.

Even Morgan said he is cold today when chilly air drifted in when the Laundromat Door opened, that is different from usual.

Paula assisted Morgan this morning with Frozen Food Outfits snapping buttons on the tops together into baskets to carry them for a cleansing rinse in the washing machine.

I helped out using a hole-punch in pages for Sunset Community forms, while Amanda helped me with brainstorming ideas for this week’s Blog.

Duncan was hard at work: sweeping, mopping and cleaning with his jovial voice resounding. He helped transfer a Lady with transporting donations into the shop.

Amanda and Paula have been collecting Christmas paraphernalia from the backroom, to stock in regions of the shop.

Angus has taken on new responsibilities in store: looking for hangers and helps clear tables.


Tuesday December 3rd, 2019

I was given the day off from the Thrift Store due to weather conditions.

I saw a Christmas Theatre Play Grandma saves Christmas in Springhill with: Wanda, her husband Bill, Robyn their daughter and their friend Emily.

It had lots of comical performances, lots of laughs and good food. Wanda, Emily and a Woman from Springhill even got to do some performances of their own when asked to come on Stage.

It will be in Amherst from December 10-15.


Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

I arrived at work this morning. Today: Amanda, Patti, Morgan, Jacob, David and I were working.

Morgan was hard at work on washing and drying Frozen Food Plant tops.

Jacob assisted around the shop and helped Patti with the Printer.

Amanda and Patti have been doing numerous tasks around the shop.


Updates and upcoming events:

Christmas 4 Kids was a great success the last couple of Saturdays. Staff dressed up, helped with Shopping & Wrapping. Almost all items kids bought were 1 dollar.


Oxford Bargain Bonanza starts on Dec 7 starting @ 8 AM. Local vendors will set up at our location.


12 Days of Christmas

Watch FaceBook each day for the daily trivia question. Guess correctly to be entered to win the daily prize.


December Lifestyles Calendar

Check out what’s happening this December in our Lifestyles department.

December Lifestyles Calendar


Athlete of the year 2019

One of our long time program participants at Sunset Industries Joseph Spence has been recognized as athlete of the year 2019 for Amherst Special Olympics.

Way to go Joseph!!!

Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #6



Oxford thrift Shop and Café Blog

November 18th-23rd 2019

By: Stephen Thompson


Monday November 20th, 2019

Nicole and Amanda were working on baked goods when I arrived: Donuts, Danishes and Cookies.

Duncan was hard at work today with his broom, dustpan and mop ready to go, after drinking his work coffee to start things off.


Today Nicole was getting the store faux tree set up with twinkly lights, while Amanda had sorting of items to be sold.

Emma came in for a visit for the day with baby AJ and her son Kohen.

Kohen was also assisting today setting up ornaments on the Christmas tree with Nicole.


Jacob, who is in for Job experience was opening donations battery cases to test if they still operate and getting brewed coffee for the customers who arrived in the shop.


Angus in the store in high spirits He always is finding hidden treasures.


Morgan today is working diligently with the Oxford Frozen Foods:  Washing, drying and hanging of the worker plant attire.


Today I made up a new list for free Ice Cream, I chopped up some Laundry services slips, used the scraps for tags at Laundromat, and completed a Maintenance sign for a washer that only works with dollars.


Tuesday November 19th, 2019


I was working with Morgan at the Laundromat side at buttoning two buttons and collecting a number of them together for a load. Morgan would add all the necessities to the washers.

The washers would sing a little tune when they finished up there cycles and would be taken out to the dryer posthaste.

Morgan has become quite a pro at working with Oxford Frozen Foods cleaning. He works 5 days a week. He always brings his quirky humor to lighten the mood.

Patti and Paula managed various duties within the shop and upkeep along with Jacob.


Wednesday November 20th, 2019


Michael and David work today.

Michael is doing the cleaning for the Thrift Store: Mopping, sweeping and other tasks.

David was doing tasks in the Laundromat today such as folding the clothes and spraying and wiping things down.

Morgan was still hard at working with cleaning Oxford Frozen Foods clothes for cleaning and sorting by size.


Patti and Amanda are working on tasks within the shop along with Jacob doing odd jobs around sorting donations, cash register and other tasks.


Scheduled events and updates:


We offer various Christmas items in store for purchase: Ornaments, Ribbons and various knickknacks.


  • Coats for Cumberland will happen today, Nov 20th here at our store


  • Items at the store will also be 10% off on all Thrift Store items as well.


  • Nov 23rd and Nov 30th 2019

Kids Shopping days! Bring your children in for shopping and we will help them wrap. There will be a card crafting station. (All items Children buy will be only a dollar excluding Amazon items.)


  • Nov 28th -30th 2019

Bag Day Sale!


  • Nov 29th 2019

We will be open late until 7:30 PM Come in and warm up waiting for the parade.


  • October celebrations of Halloween were a great success! We had had a lot of entries in the coloring contest and seen many kids dressed up for

Sunset Industries Transition Update


Sunset Industries Transformation Update

Sunset Industries has been undergoing an exciting transformation over the last several months as we look to provide ever greater services to those we support along with providing additional services to the communities we are in.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be opening a small thrift store at Sunset Industries that will sell all the usual thrift store type items as well as our woodworking items that are made by our participants and support team. We will also be selling some selected retail returns from major retailers just as we do at our store in Oxford.

We will also be offering a weekly auction through our Sunset Industries Facebook page so keep an eye out for that!

A 4th program will be added to our Pugwash location where we will be creating unique products that are made by participants and will be sold in both our Pugwash and Oxford locations along with other outlets in our community. Some of these products will include greetings cards, gift tags, book marks and many other products.

Keep an eye out for further updates and store opening times as we get closer to opening.



Stephen’s Thrift Store Blog #5

Oxford thrift Shop and Café Blog

September 30-October 5

By: Stephen Thompson


Monday September 30th 2019

Nicole and Patti were the staff working today. When I arrived Morgan was on his way out for the day.

Daniel called in sick so only Angus and I were only Clients at work this day.

I was working on a task for the dry erase sandwich board at writing and designing with liquid chalk new October updates.

I made a concept design on a napkin and some information on post-it notes.

The staff members recorded a video for FaceBook of Scentsy Basket Draw, I was with Emma in speaking roles. I reached into the paper slips, dug around and drew the slip for Dawn Thompson, who was the winner of the draw.

Later after that, Emma headed out for the day with Michael.

Amanda came in on her day off to give out some sweets for a few minutes. When Angus knew he was getting baked goods, he was very motivated to get the dishes done.

We all enjoyed Amanda’s baking: Angus, Nicole and Patti and I.

Nicole and Patti did various tasks with cash register, drinks, snacks and other things.  


Tuesday October 1st 2019

Amanda and Nicole were the working staff today.

Morgan, Duncan and I worked the morning shift today. Duncan had his cleaning duty using a broom and mop. Morgan worked within the Laundromat with the washers, dryers and the folding.

I revised the Clothes Inventory List to reduce the size of the original from 3 pages to 1 Page layout.

I was organizing books on the shelves and getting kids’ books to fill in the blank spaces.

I made up a Price sign for the Ice Skates for the Thrift store using Excel program.

Later on I did various copies for Laundry information. Paper sections left over were repurposed into Slips that can be used at a later date on Laundry Bags.

Daniel came in today for his afternoon shift and he seemed to be doing well now.


Wednesday October 2nd 2019

Today I arrived with Morgan for the afternoon shift. The Staff members working today are Patti and Paula.

Patti and Paula sold various items in the store like: A Banana costume, PJs, various Halloween related items, Ice cream, etc. and organized new Donations.

Morgan was cleaning the tables around the shop, doing tasks in Laundry side and checking for empty hangers on clothes racks.


Current and upcoming:

Halloween Colouring Contest has begun this week, all Ages can enter.

October 11th 2-4PM is Fall Festival, celebrating Care Month. It will be held at Pugwash they will be Auctioning off Scarecrows and selling various refreshments from local producers.

Store will be closed on Thanksgiving October 14th.



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