Cumberland County 2019 Annual Volunteer Recognition Night


The Sunset Community Auxiliary

The Sunset Community Auxiliary are proud to announce the nomination of Shirley Bidwell as a nominee for the 2019 Cumberland County Annual Volunteer Recognition Night Awards.

Shirley Bidwell of Kerr’s Mill, Wallace area has been an active dedicated volunteer member of the Sunset Community Auxiliary for over 30 years and most of those years as treasurer, president and past president. Years before this she served on the Sunset Community Board of directors as a dedicated member and treasurer. Shirley Bidwell has recruited more volunteers to the Sunset Community than any other staff or volunteer ever. (Many of whom were family members and friends). Shirley is also a recognized life time volunteer/ leader for the Girl guides of Canada, the Anglican Church and ministries, and has also served on North Cumberland Hospital board for 2 and a half terms. Shirley is one of the founders of the Wallace River Walkers for Alzheimer’s research, as well as a volunteer with local work for the Sea Farer’s missions in Halifax and many other local charities and organizations. Shirley is one of the finest, most respected, and inspiring individuals that one could ever meet. She is a positive driving force at removing barriers and has been a great advocate for those who have been disadvantaged or living with disabilities. We are more than proud to nominate Shirley Bidwell as one of the most outstanding volunteers of Cumberland County and the Sunset Community.

2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan


The Sunset Community recently embarked on setting new strategic direction. With the inclusion of employee & stakeholder input, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, environmental assessment; senior leadership & board members gathered at a retreat on January 17th to bring it all together. The foundation for our new Strategic Plan (2019-2022) has been established & we are proud to share our reaffirmed Mission & Vision and new values.

To read our full strategic plan please click here



“People helping people be the best they can be”

How to stay positive in the face of adversity


How to stay positive in the face of adversity

From the Inclusion Blog

By Darryl Stewart


Achieving accessibility together

Achieving accessibility together – we would like your input

The Nova Scotia government has committed to creating an accessible province by 2030. It will take all of us working together to achieve this goal.

Our next step is to develop a strategy for how we will meet this goal. To do this, we are holding a series of public engagement sessions on what an accessible Nova Scotia looks like and the steps needed to get there.

Topics will include:

  • Accessibility issues;
  • How government should prioritize the development of standards;
  • How communities can contribute to accessibility; and
  • Any sector-specific considerations.




Destroying the Stigma Around Mental Disorders

Artist Bio (Edith MacKay)

Edith MacKay

Edith started weaving in 1972 and started to design stockings for Christmas.

Edith moved to the Sunset Community Dec 14th 1982.

Edith’s oldest stocking was for a person in Dartmouth in the early 1970’s.  Each stocking is custom made for any individual with any name and are shipped all over North America and to other parts of the world.

Edith says that “The Sunset Community is my very greatest family home”. Read More…

Artist Bio (Stephen Card)

Stephen Card

S Card Bio Pic

Stephen started working at Sunset Industries and displayed an interest in  woodworking and has worked with wood in his hands for 15 years or more.

Stephen has created his own business and developed his “Artist” skills over the years which has led to the creation of his own unique brand of products.

Currently Stephen sells his products at the Pugwash Farmers Market on Saturday’s as well as more recently showing his products at Sunset Industries newly renovated showroom.

Stephen will take on requests from those who are looking for hand-crafted products.

Be sure to come by and see Stephen’s many exciting projects either at the Farmers Market on Saturdays  or  drop by Sunset Industries between 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday.

Stephen can be contacted on 902 243 2571 or at Sunset Industries on 902 243 2664 (Ask for Randy)


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