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This week marks our first online auction that we are running out of our new thrift store in Oxford. We will be running them each Wednesday until the following Tuesday each and every week.

If anything catches your eye please bid on it as it supports our mission to provide safe, supportive learning and work experiences for persons with disabilities in Cumberland County.

Check out our Facebook page where you can find the latest auction and other great news coming from our new store.


What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business or organization operated for the purpose of addressing social, cultural or environmental challenges. The majority of profits and surpluses are reinvested to support community needs.



How to stay positive in the face of adversity


How to stay positive in the face of adversity

From the Inclusion Blog

By Darryl Stewart


Our Sunset Gardens


Here at the Sunset Community we have been patiently creating a gardening committee for our residents.  After 3 years we have finally begun to see some results.  Our residents truly enjoy the relaxing act of gardening and we have all been enjoying the fruits of our labour.  Whether it has been just eating fresh veggies out of the garden or going to our resident kitchen areas and cooking things like Squash soup, or kale chips, it has been a rewarding process for all.  We here at sunset, as a not for profit organization, would like to ask our community if anyone has anything they would be willing to donate to our residents through a wish list.

Wish list:

We would like to build a greenhouse so any plastic or lumber.


Cold frame


Hay/ straw

Any plants or trees (Perennial/annual)


Permanant Structures


If anyone would like to assist or donate please contact Shawn Crouse, Manager of Support Services and head of the Gardening committee, at 902-243-2571 EXT.228



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The Sunset Community is now on Twitter

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Achieving accessibility together

Achieving accessibility together – we would like your input

The Nova Scotia government has committed to creating an accessible province by 2030. It will take all of us working together to achieve this goal.

Our next step is to develop a strategy for how we will meet this goal. To do this, we are holding a series of public engagement sessions on what an accessible Nova Scotia looks like and the steps needed to get there.

Topics will include:

  • Accessibility issues;
  • How government should prioritize the development of standards;
  • How communities can contribute to accessibility; and
  • Any sector-specific considerations.




Thrift Store Donations


Thank you to all of our volunteers


Working at Sunset

Working at Sunset

Destroying the Stigma Around Mental Disorders

Artist Bio (Edith MacKay)

Edith MacKay

Edith started weaving in 1972 and started to design stockings for Christmas.

Edith moved to the Sunset Community Dec 14th 1982.

Edith’s oldest stocking was for a person in Dartmouth in the early 1970’s.  Each stocking is custom made for any individual with any name and are shipped all over North America and to other parts of the world.

Edith says that “The Sunset Community is my very greatest family home”. Read More…


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