Community Options

Our community options program includes a range of services to assist individuals to live more independently and successfully in a variety of community settings.

Independent Living Support: A program for individuals living independently. Services are based on an individual support plan. Experienced staff assist individuals as needed, at home, at work, and in the community.

Driftwood Cottage: Licensed group home for seven individuals plus one respite space. Qualified staff 24 hours daily. Involvement in a vocational activity is encouraged and supported.

Transition Cove, AKA Seashell Cove: A newly developed initiative. It is to support participants in gaining the skills to live independent lives. The staff are spending time with participants, identifying their personal goals, and developing a plan to achieve them. We have 5 participants on this cove to one staff per shift. Participants have been experiencing many positive changes from previous living arrangements on other coves. The other coves throughout the building require staff to support participants with accessing snacks, and beverages with respective departments doing the cleaning and meal preparations. In contrast, at Seashell Cove they have successfully been working towards completing their own personal laundry, preparing their own snacks/beverages when they wish, and helping out with cove cleaning  (ie: doing dishes, and cleaning up the kitchen). There have also been craft/painting days hosted on the cove, with the idea of the clients having an active role in the décor for their living space.

Department of Community Services – Independent Living Support Program