Support Services

The Support Services team works closely with the Client Services team to ensure services are provided in the most safe and comfortable settings. Many participants find vocational placements working with members of this team.

Support Services is compromised of three departments:

  • Dietary: Nutritious, high-quality meals and snacks based on participants’ needs and likes or dislikes. Holiday themes are reflected in the dining room décor and menu. Each individual may plan the details for his/her birthday including a birthday cake of choice.

  • Environmental Services: Laundry and Housekeeping services in the adult residential centre and recreation centre. The team supports seasonal décor changes and assists individuals with their room décor.

  • Maintenance: Skilled team responsible for the care, safety, and upgrade of all facilities, this includes seasonal demands at all sites (i.e. snow removal and lawn care).

Staff of Sunset Community in Pugwash, Nova Scotia dressed up for Halloween