Vocational Services

Sunset Vocational Services mission is to provide quality training and skills development opportunities to enhance the personal growth of the individuals we work with.

  • Our program participants live at home with family, in the local community, group homes within Cumberland County as well as with the Sunset Community.

  • Occupational Health and Safety education provided to all employees.

  • Structured Vocational programs.

  • Participant appreciation is shown through barbecues, picnics, baseball games, etc throughout the year.

Sunset Vocational Services also partners in the community with various organizations to provide employment experience in a range of areas

Our current partners include:

  • Pugwash Harbour Fest KGB (Keep Garbage Beneficial) Recycling Depot

  • Pugwash Gathering Of The Clans KGB (Keep Garbage Beneficial) Recycling Depot

  • Pugwash Village Commission

  • Crossroads Cycle

  • The KGB (Keep Garbage Beneficial)

For more information contact Carrie Nix (902) 243 2571 ext 611

Email: [email protected]

Sunset provides opportunities in the following areas:

Sunset Industries:

  • Online Auctions

  • Contract Services

  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry Services

  • Thrift Store

  • Lifestyles @ Sunset Industries

  • Wood Working

Oxford Thrift Store:

  • Thrift Store

  • Laundry Services

  • Online Auctions

Sunset ARC:

  • Laundry Services

  • Housekeeping

  • Maintenance

  • Lifestyles

  • Administration