About Sunset Industries

In 1981 we started Sunset Industries out of a small building on the site of our Residential center in Pugwash. In 1984 we were able to purchase the old Pugwash elementary school and set about creating other opportunities for persons with disabilities to learn skills and be involved in meaningful activities which included a woodworking shop, pallet shop, and contract services department. Over the years Sunset Industries has diversified its programs to those we support and the local community to include:

  • woodworking
  • contract services
  • laundry services (both corporate and walk-in)
  • thrift store
  • online auction
  • shredding services

We will continue to evolve our services to best support those we provide services to. We will also continue to offer the best possible service to our local communities in the areas we are active.

Our Oxford location opened in April 2018 with the goal to establish a new social enterprise that would create opportunities for persons with disabilities who live in the Oxford area and who were not able to access other programs that are offered. Our goal is to serve 16 individuals learning all aspects of our operations. The services offered at the Oxford location include:

  • thrift store
  • laundromat
  • online auction
  • printing services

These services are offered to the general public and corporate customers and give those we support the opportunity to learn a varied range of marketable skills that are transferable to many other employment environments.